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My Style – Critique

The main focus in my pictures as you can clearly see is nature, and vibrant colors. I tried to use line, symmetry,and different color aspects in all of my photos. In my first photo i tried to make the desert pop with the vibrant red and the shady grey in its background. In my second picture i captured the beauty of the mountain centering it, making it the main focus with the dramatic, gloomy clouds in the background. Those two pictures are my favorite. If i could change anything about these pieces, it would be my sunset picture. I like when photos have a clear main focus and that picture does lack that. These pictures really do portray my style. Each one has similarities but are very individual.


My Cover Letter (Loaded For Bear)


Kimberly Pina


2616 W. Mountain Heights Ct. Tucson AZ 85742 | 520-9094198 |




Dear Employer:


Hello, my name is Kimberly Pina. I am looking for a job in photography. I have lots of experience with photography, particularly in landscape. I shoot with a Nikon D3300 but I am able to shoot with anything else. I am a very hard worker and never miss a deadline. I can work with you to get exactly what you are looking for no matter what you ask. I also have a good background with Photoshop making it possible to edit anything you would like. Photoshop can change or render anything you would like to change about an image. I am very approachable and friendly making this process very comfortable for whoever I will shoot for. I hope you take me into consideration for a job! Thank you.


Below is some of my work giving you an idea of my style, and if you are interested, my contact information is right above.




 Kimberly Pina


My Resume (Loaded For Bear)


[Type Your Name] t  2616 W. Mountain Heights Ct.t 520- 9094198











Canyon Del Oro High School


  High School Diploma


s Took Digital Media as a sophomore


s Currently in Photo 1


s Planning on being in Advanced Photography as a senior




Ventura Properties and Dr. Hobeich Pediatrics


 Part Time Scanner and Part Time Receptionist




s Hard worker


s Self-Motivated


s Team player


s Organized


s Project Management


s Strong Verbal Communication


s Gets along with others


s Very friendly


My Artist Statement (Loaded For Bear)


My Artist Statement


By: Kimberly Pina






            My style definitely varies, but I’ve taken most interest to landscape photography. When I was younger I had a little camera and would always ask to go out and take pictures, growing up in the gorgeous town of Tucson I had nature all around me. I loved to just go on walks around my neighborhood and take pictures of everything. This made me realize at a young age that our world is a beautiful place and I love to capture these moments.


          I tend to focus on big iconic locations trying to fit as much background as I can in my photos. Particularly, sunsets, mountains, overlooks, etc. I am very attracted to bright colors as you can clearly see in almost all of my photos. Bright colors have always caught my eye and I’m very fond to them. Every picture I take is very vibrant and colorful, portraying that. I shoot with a Nikon D3300. This is the only camera I have shot with. I got this camera a little over a year ago when I didn’t know much about photography, I just knew that I wanted to get better at it, and I needed to start somewhere. But now I’ve grown to appreciate it so much more.


Since most of my pictures are taken outside, I normally bring a tripod with me to get a more steady shot. When I go to take pictures, I usually go on various hiking trails and other times they aren’t planned at all, and I just see something I find interesting, and get my camera out. That is what you would most likely find on my blog. My all-time favorite place to take photos would have to be Paradise Creek in Pinetop Arizona. I grew up going there every summer, and I swear it gets more beautiful with every visit. I have so many memories and great moments there, taking pictures of it just brings all of them back. There is really endless possibilities shooting there; the scenery is truly breathtaking and always changing. Photography is a big part of my life and it always has been. The world is always changing, and photography is as well making it so fascinating to me.






My Brochure and Business Card (Loaded For Bear)


Tumamoc Hill is one of my favorite places to hike. It overlooks Tucson in the best way, I highly recommend going at night and looking at the city lights. I took this picture as I was walking up. All of the silhouetted saguaros really caught my eye with the sun setting behind. saghuaro

More From Mount Lemmon

Mount Lemmon

I went to Mount Lemmon this past weekend and it never fails to take my breath away every time. The scenery is stunning and the snow definitely adds to the effect. I had such a fun day and I finally got to try out my wide view lens.


I recently went downtown to take some pictures and these ones would have to be my favorite. I’m a huge fan of vibrant colors in my images and these really portray that.

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